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Exercise Library Insight

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A quick insight into our diverse and inclusive library of exercise videos. From stretching to strength training, all with included written instruction and supporting sets, reps, etc. We regularly add new exercises, and have a form for new exercise requests.

Ball Circles on Wall

Ball TKE Terminal Knee Extension

Band Bilateral Horizontal Abduction

Banded Calf Extension Gastrocnemius

Banded Calf Extension Soleus with Foam Roller

Banded Row

Banded Rows 90 90

Bicycle Crunch

Bilateral Shoulder Extension Band

Bilateral Shoulder External Rotation

Bridge with Foam Roller

Calf Foam Roll

Calf Lateral Foam Roll

Calf Medial Foam Roll

Calf Neutral Foam Roll

Calf Stretch Gastrocnemius

Calf Stretch Soleus

Calves Bilateral Foam Roll

Cervical Extension

Cervical Extension with Towel – Curve of Neck

Cervical Extensions with Towel Support

Cervical Flexion

Cervical Rotation

Cervical Side Bend

Chair Squat

Chin Tuck

Chin Tuck with Over Pressure

Cobra Chair Stretch

Concentric Calf Raise Gastrocnemius

Concentric Calf Raise Soleus


Diagonal Shoulder Abduction Band

Diamond Push-Up

Elastic Band Retraction

External Rotation ER Band

External Rotation with Abduction Band

Flexion in Neutral Rotation, Front Raise

Flutter Kicks

Front Squat Banded

Gluteal Stretch Dumbbell Scaption

Half Kneel Hip Flexor Stretch

Hamstring Bilateral Foam Roll

Hamstring Single Leg Foam Roll

Hamstring Stretch Supine

Hamstring Stretch with Towel

Hand Median Nerve Glide

Hand Wall Walk

Heel Slides Supine

Heel Walk

Hip Abduction Band

Hip Adduction

Hip Adduction Squeeze, Supine

Hip Adductor Stretch

Hip Adductors Foam Roll

Hip Flexion Psoas Stretch

Hip Flexion TFL Stretch

Hip Flexion, Isometric

Hip Flexor Stretch Supine

Hip Hinge

Iliotibial Band, IT Band Foam Roll

Isometric Extension

Isometric Flexion

Isometric Rotation

Isometric Side Bend

Knee Supported Push-Up

Knife Edge Walk

Leg Raise with Hip Thrust

Levator Scapulae Stretch – Hand Behind Back and Top of Head

Long Arc Quad

Lower Back : Hamstring Stretch Lateral

Lower Back : Hamstring Stretch Medial

Lower Back : Hamstring Stretch Neutral

Lumbar Bow/Bend

Lying Leg Raises

Marching Foam Roll

Median Nerve Glide 1

Median Nerve Glide 2

Median Nerve Glide 3

Median Nerve Glide 4

Monster Walk

Narrow Push-Up

Pec Stretch Foam Roll

Pectoralis Stretch

Pendulum Circles

Peroneal Arch Walk

Peroneal Stretch Standing

Piriformis Stretch


Prone Hip Extension


Pushing Nerve Glide

Quad Set with Towel Under Knee

Quad Stretch

Quadricep Single Leg Foam Roll

Quadriceps Foam Roll

Radial Nerve Glide 2

Retraction, Chin Tuck

Rhomboid and Middle Trap Stretch – Clasped Hands

Rotational Assisted Hamstring Stretch

Rotational Stretch with Over Pressure

STM to Trap Rhomboid Foam Roll

Scapular Retraction

Scapular Retraction with Mini Shoulder Shrug

Sciatic Nerve Glide Seated 1

Sciatic Nerve Glide Seated 2

Sciatic Nerve Glide Seated 3

Sciatic Nerve Glide Supine

Scissor Kicks

Seated Hamstring Stretch

Seated Marching

Serratus Wall Slide

Serratus Wall Slide Band

Short Arc Quad

Shoulder Abduction

Shoulder Adduction

Shoulder External Rotation Band

Shoulder Flexion Band

Shoulder Flexion in Neutral Banded

Shoulder Flexion, Isometric

Shoulder Flexion, Side Raise

Shoulder Internal Rotation Band

Shoulder Internal Rotation with Abduction

Shoulder Isometric Abduction

Shoulder Isometric Extension

Shoulder Isometric External Rotation

Shoulder Isometric External Rotation Elevated

Shoulder Isometric Internal Rotation

Shoulder Isometric Internal Rotation Elevated

Shoulder Rolls


Side Plank

Side Steps Band

Side-lying Banded Clamshell

Side-lying Clamshell

Side-lying Hip Abduction

Single Arm Shoulder Extension Band

Single Leg Balance

Single Leg Bridge Foam Roll

Single Leg Squat

Standing Calf Stretch Gastrocnemius

Standing Calf Stretch Soleus

Standing Pelvic Shift Wall

Straight Leg Raise External Rotation

Straight Leg Raise Internal Rotation

Straight leg Raise Neutral

Suboccipital Stretch 2 Fingers

Supine Hip Abduction Clamshell Band

Thoracic Spine Stretch Foam Roller, Thread the Needle

Thoracic Spine Stretch, Thread the Needle

Tibia Anterior Stretch Standing

Trunk Extension with Foam Roller

Ulnar Nerve Glide 1

Upper Trap Stretch Hand on Head

Wall Push Up

Wall Squat with Exercise Ball

Wall Squat with Foam Roller

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