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The Ultimate Guide to Billing Home Exercise Programs - 97537 CPT Code

by Trent Thompson    |    August 13, 2021

Which Code You Should Be Billing

The goal of your home exercise program determines which code you should bill within your care.

97535 CPT Code focuses around self-care and home management training, you can click here to read more in depth, but here is a quick overview: You are able to bill this code for activities like ADL (active daily living) training, meal preparation, safe sleeping positions, basic household chores, etc..

97537 CPT Code focuses around community/work reintegration training, direct one-on-one contact. Examples of training that fall into these categories include, but are not limited to, shopping, transportation, money management, avocational activities and/or work environment analysis, work task analysis, use of assistive technology device/adaptive equipment. Each 15 minutes.

The 97537 CPT Code is performed in conjunction with other therapeutic procedures such as gait training (CPT Code 97116) and self-care/home management training (CPT Code 97535). The payment for community or work reintegration training is packaged into the payment for those other services. Therefore, these services are not separately reimbursable by Medicare.

Keeping track of your home exercise training can be confusing and frustrating. With Patient Exercises we help you create your custom programs faster, easier, and more professionally. And we store every prescribed program in the cloud for your convenience.

How Patient Exercises Can Help

Patient Exercises is an all inclusive home exercise program (HEP)  builder that can be easily broken down into four modules that work in unison to help providers deliver better care.

Program Builder: Our easy to use program builder that enables you to pick and choose exercises beneficial to your patients recovery. 

Patient Management: Manage all of your patients program notes, track progress, and keep EMR’s. 

Exercise Video Library: Gain access to our inclusive digital library of hundreds of exercises

Automated Communications: Never miss a beat. Our system automatically notifies your patients of changes to their program made by you.

Get Started

If you want to test some of the features available with Patient Exercises, you can sign up today. If you need help implementing changes like these in your practice or want to chat more about how Patient Exercises can benefit you, get in touch.


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