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Top 5 Best Home Exercise Program (HEP) Builders for 2022

by Trent Thompson    |    February 17, 2022

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Home Exercise Programs (HEP) is nothing new for physical therapists, chiropractors, and the like. If you’re anything like the rest of us, you’ve looked into a couple of different softwares but gotten stuck between which one to go with. Or if you haven’t ever used a digital HEP builder, you’ve missed out on all the benefits they bring. 

We’ve curated a list below containing quick information of the top online HEP databases and HEP software applications. All of the following companies claim to help improve patient adherence, patient outcomes, and save the care providers time. Each software includes a library of exercises, while some feature HD videos and others feature 2D displays. These softwares allow providers to quickly create home exercise programs for their patients, utilizing cool features such as viewing and modifying past and current programs, communicating easily with patients within the softwares, and allowing patients to access the programs on their mobile devices via email. All of the programs are free for patients of clinics and practices.

Top 5 HEP Softwares to Increase Patient Adherence

Patient Exercises

Price: Free, or choose to donate $5 annually. 

Pros: Quick to create and easily accessible digital programs on any device. Exercises are performed and displayed in high resolution videos with real humans. Most affordable. Unlimited patients. 

Cons: Fewer exercises than other platforms.


Price: $300 annually.

Pros: Patient mobile app. Plan includes continued education courses. 

Cons: Larger plan required for HEP software, price.


Price: $39.95 monthly or $349.95 annually.

Pros: Large library of exercises. Real-time patient feedback within patient portal.

Cons: Quality of videos is pretty low, price.


Price: $9 monthly.

Pros: Large library of exercises, easy to use interface.

Cons: To our knowledge, and after a long phone-call with their sales team, the HEP is only accessible when the full product is purchased. Which increases the price from $9/month to nearly $180/month. 


Price: $4.95 monthly or $49.95 annually.

Pros: Most widely recognized HEP software. PDFs are easily created. 

Cons: Old interface, most exercises only accessible in 2D photos.


Price: $11.99 monthly.

Pros: Largest library of exercises and templates.

Cons: Some features aren’t available with the small clinic plan. 

Getting Started

If you want to test some of the features available with Patient Exercises, you can sign up today. If you need help implementing changes like these in your practice or want to chat more about how Patient Exercises can benefit you, get in touch.


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