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Top 5 Most Effective Physical Therapist and Chiropractor Marketing Techniques

by Trent Thompson    |    February 21, 2023

Top 5 Marketing Strategies (Plus a Bonus)

1. Understand seo / sem

To start out, let’s make sense of those two abbreviations. SEO means “search engine optimization”, while SEM stands for “search engine marketing”. SEO is a great way to get organic, unpaid traffic through your doors. The best way to do this would be to write articles (like this one) that best answer questions that people in your local area might have about your profession. SEM on the other hand, can be a much more focused reach, but requires a little bit more expertise to achieve a positive return on your dollar. There are many different companies dedicated to accomplishing this goal for you. Contente has a great team/platform that allows you to see other doctors ads to better assist in your profitability in your own. They also have a team dedicated to running profitable ads for you. But if you’re interested in running your own ad, I recommend watching a YouTube tutorial on how to run Facebook ads. 

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing has always been a go to for most businesses, so rather than explain what it is, here’s a good technique: Re-engaging old subscribers! Don’t let them forget about the services you have to offer. Send out a few emails to old subscribers who haven’t been contacted recently reminding them about the services you offer. 

3. Social media

Developing your brand with social media has never been more important than it is today. Not only does keeping your social media presence strong attract new patients, but helps keep current ones comfortable seeing you by building customer loyalty (and brand trust).

4. Word of Mouth / Referral Program

Treat every patient that walks through your door as an opportunity to spread good word about your company. It takes a long time to build trust in someone, but a short time to break it. So using patients who already trust you to reach their friends and family who trust them is a great way to bring new clients through your door. 

Building a referral program can also be effective. I’d suggest making little cards that say “Refer a Friend and get 20% off your next visit” and placing them at your front desk for patients to take. Or have them offer their friends number to you right away for a quick discount!

5. Optimized Website

Your website is basically your clinics presence online, don’t let it be slow, confusing, or dull. Have you ever clicked on a website that either took too long to load, didn’t look professional, or was confusing? I bet you clicked off of it within 5 seconds. Studies show that 53% of users click off a site that takes just 3 seconds to load. Don’t let that be your website. I’d recommend that you keep your most important information on your home page, making your clinics contacts easily accessible for iPhone users. 

6. Bonus: Tools to Increase Patient Adherence

Utilizing tools to keep your patients engaged with your office is a great way to keep your office at the top of their mind. With Patient Exercises we help you create custom digital HEP programs that your patients can view from any device, at any time. 

How Patient Exercises Can Help

Patient Exercises is a free, all inclusive, home exercise program (HEP)  builder that can be easily broken down into four modules that work in unison to help providers deliver better care.

Program Builder: Our free, easy to use program builder that enables you to pick and choose exercises beneficial to your patients recovery. 

Patient Management: Manage all of your patients program notes, track progress, and keep EMR’s. 

Exercise Video Library: Gain access to our inclusive digital library of hundreds of exercises

Automated Communications: Never miss a beat. Our system automatically notifies your patients of changes to their program made by you.

Get Started

If you want to test some of the features available with Patient Exercises, you can sign up here. If you need help implementing changes like these in your practice or want to chat more about how Patient Exercises can benefit you, get in touch.


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