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Using Exercise Prescription Softwares to Achieve Better Patient Outcomes

by Trent Thompson   |   July 14, 2021

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Making Sense of Using a Digital Program Builder

As we have all experienced, you’re well aware that the world is shifting to using technology now faster than ever. And for the forward-thinking healthcare provider, the massive shift is an opportunity to stand out from the rest of the industry. 

People want things quick and easy, which is what makes sending step-by-step video instruction so beneficial to both the patient, and the provider. 

Save Time and Improve Quality of Care

Patient Exercises is notorious for being a simple and effective exercise program builder for healthcare providers. Building an exercise program shouldn’t take more than a minute or two of your time, and should portray professionalism within your practice. Most healthcare workers settle for PDF prints and emails, but fail to realize the alternative solutions by utilizing what most people engage with daily; video and digital formats.

We built our software with the providers side of care in mind, prioritizing finding exercises quickly, having pre-written instruction, sets, reps, etc., as well as making the process of sending the program to your patient as simple as clicking a button when the exercises have been chosen.

Something that should always be at the top of every providers mind is quality of care. Not only is it important for the patients recovery, but for your businesses success. Making improvements to your care process that prioritizes the patients quality of care ensures that they’ll always return to you when they decide to visit a healthcare provider, as well as refer a friend to go see you whenever the conversation arrises.

Increase Patient Adherence and Improve Outcomes

Patient Adherence is your best friend when it comes to care plans. Who is more likely to have a no-show, cancellation, or never schedule again: The patient who sticks with their care plan and is reminded daily to work on what their Doctors prescribed them, or the patient who did them once and stopped until the next visit?

It goes without saying every Doctor wants their patients to experience the benefits that they provide to them, but a patient who doesn’t feel like they’re getting any better is much more likely to stop scheduling appointments. That’s why it’s important to keep your patients on track outside of the office.

How Patient Exercises Can Help

Patient Exercises is an all inclusive exercise program builder that can be easily broken down into four modules that work together to help providers deliver better care.

Program Builder: Our easy to use program builder that enables you to pick and choose exercises beneficial to your patients recovery. 

Patient Management: Manage all of your patients program notes, track progress, and keep EMR’s. 

Exercise Video Library: Gain access to our inclusive digital library of hundreds of exercises

Automated Communications: Never miss a beat. Our system automatically notifies your patients of changes to their program made by you.

Get Started

If you want to test some of the features available with Patient Exercises, you can sign up here. If you need help implementing changes like these in your practice or want to chat more about how Patient Exercises can benefit you, get in touch.


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